The Importance of Food Choices


Fotosearch_k6222067OK. Everyone! It’s your Monday wake up call!! Time to stop eating like it’s the weekend! But seriously, this week’s post will be about food choices. And how they affect us. This will take 5 -7 minutes to read. And it’s PACKED with info. But it can seriously help all of you in your weight loss journeys. Now if you’ll notice my posts, you’ll see that I often will post a Shakeology recipe. Or I’ll attach an article that talks about nutrition. There’s a reason for this. This is gonna blow your mind. You ready?


That’s right, peoples. EIGHTY PERCENT! 80% Not 50. Not 60. No. Not even 70 as some people argue. A whopping 80%. Then depending on your genetics, 10-15 percent is exercise. And the remainder is your genetics. Which is silly because actually, the genetics just determines what you can and cannot EAT. So we’re back to eating again.

So let’s talk about a simple, but complicated formula that’s gonna be super, super helpful to you for the REST of your life. Not just when you’re in one of my challenge groups, but until the day you stop eating.


Protein + Starch Carb =

Weight Gain


Protein + Fat =

Weight Maintenance


Protein + Veggies/Fruits =

Weight Loss


Starchy Carb/Fat + Vegetables/Fruits

= Energy

Yes. It really is that simple. …. And complicated. So let’s see how this formula can help you in your health journey when it comes to breakfast. (Lunch and dinner could be a whole ‘nother article.)

Breakfast:  This is THE most important meal of the day. If you can only eat one meal a day because you are a starving family in Africa, this is the one you would pick. (I’m not joking about that by the way.)

If you are NOT eating breakfast, start TODAY. (unless you’re reading this at noon time. Then you can start tomorrow.)

Now I hear from people every single day that they have coffee and that’s it. They aren’t hungry until lunch. And then I hear from people how they don’t eat breakfast because they don’t have the time. And then I hear from people how they ate breakfast and gained weight. (My husband put on 25 pounds in a year [on purpose] when he started eating breakfast. But more on that later.)

I want you to get rid of all the excuses, and EAT BREAKFAST. EVERY SINGLE DAY.

Eating in the morning signals to your body to start revving up the metabolism. If you have been going for years without breakfast, it could take a month or two before your body grows accustomed to this wonderful phenomena called morning energy. But in the long run, you will weigh less and be able to eat more. Without a signal to your brain that you will feed your body all day long, your metabolism will slow down and each year you will gain more and more weight.

But now, WHAT you eat, is just as important as when. So let’s look at our earlier equation. Remember the first combo?

Protein + Starchy Carb = Weight Gain

Looking to put on a few pounds? This little sucker is your guy.
Looking to put on a few pounds? This little sucker is your guy.

So guess what folks. If you thought, “Hey, I’ll buy Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sandwiches and pop ’em in the microwave at work.” That’s fine. If your health journey means putting on 10 pounds. Or like my husband, if you’re wanting to bulk up. I’m guessing most of you don’t want to do that. Unfortunately, the above combo represents 90% of our diet here in the States. Think WacDonald’s breakfast sandwiches, Munchin Donuts breakfast sandwiches, and pancakes with …you guessed it! Bacon. Now am I saying that having this breakfast every once in awhile will instantly result in your thighs bulking up? No! Nor do I want you guys to eliminate a Sunday morning tradition. But I’m trying to show you that many people think of this type of breakfast when they decide to give it up for the sake of weight loss. Don’t give up breakfast! Just change it up a bit!

Protein + Fat = Weight Maintenance

If you’re at your ideal weight and you want to keep it, this is the way to go. It’s also great for helping you feel full all morning. So I often recommend to my challengers to go with this combo on their Shakeology recipes. So what are some fats? Avocados. Nuts. Nut Butters. Eggs. (This counts as a protein AND a fat if you eat the whole egg. How convenient!) Coconut Oil, olive oil, ghee, and organic butters. NO MARGARINE. EVER. Some morning options for breakfast are

Whether you use almond, cashew, or sunflower seed butter, this recipe is sure to please.
Whether you use almond, cashew, or sunflower seed butter, this recipe is sure to please.

-Eggs and Turkey Bacon

Sun Butter Vegan Chocolate Shakeology (vegan friendly)

-Hardboiled egg with half an avocado (paleo friendly)

-Organic Full Fat, Plain Yogurt (some people stir a little of their morning coffee into the yogurt for taste. I’ve never tried it.)

Protein + Veggies/Fruits = Weight Loss

I’m wagering most of you skipped to this one. So if any of you follow me on FB, you’ll notice that during running season, I tend to post recipes for my morning shake that use fruit instead of nut butters. This is because I’m getting into the heart of my marathon training and need to lose just a few more pounds to get to my fastest times. So I change up my breakfast around this time of year. I switch from weight maintenance (peanut butter chocolate Shakeology) to weight loss (Chocolate Covered Strawberry) breakfasts. Some other ideas are

Italian Spaghetti Squash Casserole

-Hardboiled egg with an orange (great to-go breakfast)

-Shakeology with any fruit or a couple of handfuls of spinach or pumpkin. (Pumpkin Pie Shakeology = YUM)

Veggie Vegan Omelet (sometimes, ya just don’t want eggs, dang it!)

Lastly, there’s the

Starchy Carb/Fat + Fruit/Veggie combo = Energy

This gives energy. If you’re a morning workout person and you just want the energy, this is the breakfast for you. If you can’t stand eggs, this is for you.  If you want to feel full, this is for you. You can also use vegetarian sources of protein and it works quite well. Just remember, too much of a good thing…is too much.  So watch how much of this you eat at breakfast time.

Some ideas for this breakfast are

-REAL oatmeal (PLEASE PLEASE don’t buy instant oatmeal!  That stuff is JUNK!) with fruit and nuts stirred inpaleo-pumpkin-spice-muffins

Paleo Pumpkin Spice muffins (I’m so nice, I give you the link. …but don’t click on that link until you’re done reading this article!)

-coconut quinoa with fruit

-any paleo pancake

Please note that ALL of the breakfasts above are LOW on the sugar. If sugar is used, let it be in the form of raw honey, healthy fruits, and REAL maple syrup. (Don’t let that new Log Cabin bottle fool you. It’s all fake sugar!) And even still, let it be no more than a tablespoon of raw honey or a teaspoon of syrup. Eating sugar, whether it’s in your cereal or your coffee, first thing in the morning sets you up for a day of sugar addiction and yo yo energy. I know this was a long Monday read. But I truly hope that you all learned something from this week’s informative post.