Failure Friday – The Best Day of the Week


So my Team Beachbody Success partner, Rebekah Brigham and I run these fitness challenge groups every month. And we always have to spend the first week going over goals. What they are, identifying obstacles to getting them, and how we overcome those obstacles to finally reach our goals. BUT, if we had a dollar for every challenger that started out strong, then experienced failure, and gave up, we might actually have a very lucrative business. We racked our brains trying to figure out how we convince our clients that failure is an event NOT a lifestyle. And finally I realized something. People have been taught to hate failure! When in fact, we should love it!!! Why?…Read on, my young Paduwans. Read on.




Sorry. Was I little strong there? Good! I want you ALL to learn to LOVE failure!!! Especially muscle failure. That’s the best kind of failure there is.  Peeps, schools everywhere have conditioned us to think that failure is a horrible thing and it should never happen. I got news. They LIED TO YOU!!!! Failure is not only a daily occurrence, it MUST happen in order for you to experience change in the direction you wish to go.  Failures rewire our brains differently and teach us new experiences.


success-is-not-built-on-successI fail every single day. I fail in my workouts. (But I finish them.) I fail in my recipe attempts. (But I find really good ones too.) I fail to arrive on time. (But I show up!) I fail to have a sparkling clean house. (But I have lots of friends that still show up and raid my fridge.) Are you seeing where I’m going with this?! Failure is a part of a healthy, vibrant life.  It’s another way we LEARN. It’s how we GROW. (or shrink) It’s how we CHANGE!

Think of all the things we’ve learned from failures. Airplanes, phones, light bulbs. All of these inventions had hundreds and hundreds of failures. Imagine if those guys had given up! (I’m still thinking the airplane dudes had a secret death wish.  But I’m still glad they did it.) So get off your phone. Push play on your workout. And FAIL!!! Fall on the floor in a ball of sweat, with quivering muscles, and total heart pounding goodness….and smile. Go to your pantry, look at the items you FAILED to leave in the store (I know you got Pop Chips, don’t lie) and then FAIL to eat them. Better yet, fail your wallet and throw junk food out! (That will make you think twice before wasting your money on it again.) Think about why you FAILED to turn down that brownie you guiltily wolfed down at work, and then learn from that. Pack an apple and nuts in your car/purse/murse right now!

I wish I could tell you how much fun I had finding quotes and pics to go with this post. But instead, I’m going to let you all experience the joy with me. So this week, look for the failures in your fitness life and then take a pic of it! Or find an awesome failure quote and screen shot it. Then head over to my Like Page and share it with me! Use the hashtag #failureisfun


Remember, you MUST have failure in your workouts. This is how your muscles grow and burn fat. You MUST have “failure” in your diet. This is how we confuse the metabolism. You MUST experience failure in your life. This is how you learn and change. So FAIL AWAY! And then take a picture of it. Cuz failure is too awesome not to share.